A little luck

My confidence boosted by generous ladies, and inspiration striking at the sight of the lovely work from Mud Australia, I’m putting it on the record that I could use a little luck.

Apartment Therapy one of my favourite morning ritual reads are seeking project partners for their Renovation Diary Program.

By supplying them with my inspiration board, some sketches, photos of our current monstrosity, our budget and what I hope is the enticing outline of our plans and dreams for the space we could be in the running to partner with Apartment Therapy.

What does that mean to us? Between $1000 and $2000 contributed by Apartment Therapy to our project, getting to document and share the process with Apartment Therapy and their readers.
That and our kitchen will no longer look like this.





What does it mean for them? Hopefully an exciting Australian perspective on designing a small space for maximum use and efficiency, an inside view on a family friendly but still completely stunning dine in kitchen.

So lovely readers both vocal and silent please send some positivity out for us in the hope that we get chosen. Boy I hope that’s not being greedy after the love I’ve already received!

Feel free to check out our inspiration board and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear even if you haven’t commented before.


4 thoughts on “A little luck

  1. You know what I think your kitchen in it’s current state actually already has a lot of charm! I love that old oven and it’s a great layout.
    Sure a little face lift would make a big difference but you have a great canvas to work with.
    Your inspiration board is fab, I love the idea of a laundry trough as a sink.

    • I just changed the layout actually, the white one is a desk we are using as a temporary bench and now that I’ve moved it there I’m sure the layout we are putting in works well.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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