I received a gift in the mail on Monday from some ladies so sweet that they definitely didn’t need to give me anything to get in my good graces, they were well and truly already there.

Jess, Emmie, Sammie and Spark you amazing friends, mothers, wives, people and I feel so lucky to “know” you. You have all done more than brighten my day you made it possible to get something special for my home that I could never have entertained without your help.

I can’t wait to pick something and show you knowing that it will make you all a part of our home forever, you’re a pretty great addition to have to our home. I truly am touched beyond words.

Even those these words are too small and shallow in comparison to how special you’ve made me feel Thank you, I wish had I more to offer in return.

Everyone else, if you don’t already know these great women pop over and get to know them and let them know how great they are.





Ladies if you’re wondering my face kind of looked like this.

After opening the first envelope


And the second envelope (thinking it would be a note telling me who it’s from but in reality a second voucher).


And then when it hit me that this was actually for me.


7 thoughts on “Generosity

  1. Haha love those pics! Jess was chief gift organiser she is one kind hearted girl! So glad you liked it and can’t wait to see what you chose xx

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