Spotlight savings

Yesterday a quick trip to Spotlight yielded a big reward. Some lovely blinds marked down to $30 each. I’ve now redone almost every room in the house and and hoping a quick trip again today will get the rest of the house done.
Here’s a rather ordinary before shot of the lounge and the curtain that I made ( not too well).

And now.

I think it’s a pretty significant difference for such a small amount of money.

Slowly slowly this house is becoming a home.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight savings

  1. Bravo Lila!! I’m in awe of anyone who can make curtains or buy blinds, figure how to put them up and then actually do it within the space of a week. You did it within the space of 24 hours? You’re my new hero.

    • Aww thanks, I assure you there’s lots of cursing involved and possibly a few minor tantrums. But as a glutton for punishment I keep taking these things on, probably because I see how lovely things are when they’re finished and forget what it took to get them done!

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