One complete corner

I’m slowly fleshing out this house, plumping and preening to make it a
home. I resisted placing things on our walls for a while because we are
going to replaster in some rooms and repair and repaint in all. But the
need to be organised drove me to first hang a guitar in the lounge and
then to hang another next to it. Which then made me move the chair
between and then there were little gaps to fill, so to the right I
begged my Nan’s nesting tables from my mum. To the left stayed Eve’s
guitar so she could still reach it to strum away. A trip to Target
resulted in a beautiful patterned cushion (on sale of course) to stave
off the desire to recover Ronnie* the chair. But it still hadn’t quite
pulled together for me. Then I found a gorgeous print on Fieldguided.

The silvery moon hid and the golden sun appeared

It arrived with a gorgeous hand written note, which never fails to impress me when buying things.

I decided to put the print in a square frame to better fit the space it was going, I think it worked out perfectly.

But I still think I’m going to recover the chair, charcoal velvet maybe? Don’t even get me started on the desire to be rid of our so called carpet.

*the chair was an eBay find which still has its tag stating that it’s ‘The Ronnie versatile lounge recliner, made in Melbourne’. Which I think is kind of nifty.


2 thoughts on “One complete corner

    • It does feel great, I can’t imagine how lovely it will be when we do the rest of the house! I hadn’t thought of that with recovering the chair, now I’m not so sure I will.

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