Project – a place for everything

This week has been limited to a very simple project, I’m a bit worn out with Miss Eve being sick again, but I didn’t want to do nothing and get out of the organisation rhythm.
I have a bad habit of tucking bills into a “safe” place and then having trouble finding them when I need to pay. I also have trouble remembering everything at the supermarket and am very lazy about writing a shopping list before I go.

This week I made a place for each of these things to try to change my bad habits.

First I went to the stationary store and bought an A5 clipboard, I then nailed this to the wall next to our yearly planner.
I then saw a pin on pinterest that recommended putting a notepad on the fridge to write things down as they are used. I figured while a good idea I would instead put it next to the bill clip as this is right near the bin. Hopefully that will mean that when anyone puts an item in the bin they will write it on the list, I’m trying to reform the family’s habits so that it’s not just up to me to make the household run somewhat smoothly.

The notepad came from the hotel we stayed in in Boston on our honeymoon, the clip I pilfered from my art box, you’ll note I also tied a pen to the clip to avoid excuses from the children when they don’t write on the list. Please don’t pay too much attention to my grotty light switch.

So again, little not fascinating steps but hopefully we’ll be a more productive household as more of these things come together.

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