Troubled teen

This month has been the slowest month since you were born, time has stretched out of shape and while I’ve wished that would happen many times it’s been for all the wrong reasons this month.

It started with your immunisations which were overdue because you were sick last month, your reaction to them has seen you sleepless and stressed, saying no to the breast most of the time. Just when that seems to have cleared your bottom molars have started to erupt causing you terrible pain. Coupled with falling into your grandparents pond and being fed dairy on fathers’ day and the croup you now have it definitely hasn’t been your best month.

But the way your eyes shine when you bring me a book to read (I’ve read you three in between typing the above words) bring me so much joy. That in between the screams and the tantrums you have laughed more than ever before shows that you are the same bright bundle of positivity that your lovely daddy is.

You chatter away when flipping through the pages of books or magazines, you like to point and tell me stories that I can’t quite understand yet. Something about your brothers feet when he is walking with us is inexplicably hilarious to you. Among your words are mama, dada, this, that, yay, yeah, and today when I showed you pictures of you I’m positive you said your name. But best of all you run around saying ‘wowwowwow’, how I long to be in on that little world and see what it is you see.

Moving on from your fascination with dogs and woofing you know squeal DEE when you spot any birdies, which is often and adorable.

You are the master of waving, to anyone and everyone. It surprises me that so many people ignore it when you have that enormous grin and vigorous wave going, it’s a shame that they can’t share your joy for just a minute.

Also mastered this month is blowing your nose, which I’m stupidly proud of given that it’s something I was older than I’d like to admit before I figured it out. Not so thrilled by the fact that you somehow seem to have figured out the on field or no tissue version of blowing your nose, yuck!

You love to put clothes on and off, resulting in some interesting combinations and placements of clothing items. On and off seems to be a play theme with pulling things off the bookcase and in and out of the kitchen cupboards two of your favourite, and absolutely not my, uses of your time.
Along with the kitchen cupboards you’ve mastered opening the baby gate, daddy thinks we should leave it up because it slows you down, I think that is hilarious because it doesn’t. If I tell you I’ll be back in a minute I’m just going to the toilet I can guarantee your cheeky face will be grinning behind me even as I reach the bathroom. Not quite as funny is your ability to unbuckle the carseat, we have a cover for it but that just acts as a warning noise for us to know you’re playing with the buckle. Not much slows you down when you set your determined mind to something.

You still love to pluck and the guitar and hit anything that could make noise, preferring the drum to most things. I hope that the love of music continues for you because you’ve been pulling at guitar string since you could crawl and now you hum the melody when I try to sing you to sleep. I don’t let you play with them often, but somehow you know how to turn the music on both the ipad and iphone and sing along with that too. You remind me so much of your daddy.

One thing that reminds me you are a little me too is your new found love of drawing, such beautiful scribbles, so hard to keep you confined to the right places to draw. Hopefully the chalk and the newly painted blackboard draw might keep you away from pencilling all the books and walls for a while.

Little one while I love time slowing down I hope that we are nearing the end of you being unwell because that’s too high a price to stop your babyhood rushing by. Every day you are a joy, even on those filled with your screams.

2 thoughts on “Troubled teen

  1. I cannot believe people wouldn’t wave back at her! I’d be scooping her up and showering her with kisses – runaway from the crazy lady Eve heheHope she gets better soon xoxo

    • I have been unpleasantly surprised by how rude some people are. I had a little girl wave to me the other day and I loved waving back because it made her happy. Thanks for the kind wishes.

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