Project – a place for everything

Another Thursday another step towards making housekeeping less stressful.

This week, I’ve started on my pantry. We only have one tiny cupboard to use for our pantry, at least until we build our new kitchen and it’s been driving me crazy. I’ve started by getting glass jars for flours, sugars and other dry goods in an effort to move away from bpa filled plastics. The other benefit of glass jars is it is easy to see and identify the contents, although I will be labeling them in the coming weeks.

I’ve the also gotten some additional use out of a small space by putting wire racks (plastic coated unfortunately) and small bpa free plastic trays to hold my spices and other small items.





Part way through it occurred to me that if I didn’t find something to do with the rolls of baking paper, foil and glad wrap* they were going to take up what little space had been made and just generally drive me nuts by getting in the way. What I needed was an under shelf basket but all of the ones I could find were the wrong proportions.

With a little pondering I figured out the solution.

A spice rack.


Modified by hacksawing away the rungs on the top shelf. This would probably have been easier to do with a decent paid of wire cutters but I don’t own any so the slow way it was.


I then mounted it underneath a shelf.


And slid the rolls in.


I still have to figure out how to make the baking shelf more functional and to label the glass jars, but I’m at least 2/3 of the way through making a tiny space bearable until it is ripped out for our new kitchen.

*i try not to use any of these often but find it easier than not to keep them handy for that odd occasion.


7 thoughts on “Project – a place for everything

    • I’m usually very unproductive but a combination of being sick to death of an unorganised house and needing to do something so that I didn’t feel like crap anymore got me moving. Also posting it on here makes me feel accountable and so I keep doing stuff.

      • That’s smart being accountable – gotta love when the blogging comes in handy! How do you manage to get the DIY stuff done with Eve around that’s what I struggle with because of Logan. I’m hoping it will get easier as he gets older and more independent.

  1. Honestly I let her pull everything out of the other cupboards while I was doing it. It means more cleaning for me after but it’s the only way to achieve anything, two steps forward one step back.

  2. This is awesome! I love that you were so handy doing this too. I am terrible with being handy. I really want to organise my house too. I think the best way is to send the children to their grandparents until they’re 18 😉 haha.

    • Thanks Georgia, the older I get the more I appreciate being a little handy, sometimes it’s bad because I can’t leave things alone! You’re right about sending the kids away 😉 pity we’d miss them way too much to do that!

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