Project – a place for everything

This weeks place for everything is very straightforward.
We currently have an open wardrobe after I saw many beautiful open wardrobes and thought one would be lovely.

Here’s a lovely one for example.


This is absolutely NOT how my wardrobe looks.

The worst part is the shoe situation, they started out neatly lined up on the floor and quickly devolved into well, this mess.


Running short on time this week to get a storage solution in place a trip to Targets’ home section provided me with the answer, and at 30%.

We now have a shoe rack, that while not perfect (my tiny shoes have trouble balancing across the bar) will hopefully enable us to keep the shoes in a little better order and condition than we were.


I’m sure this will last until exactly 3.5 minutes after Eve wakes up from the nap that has allowed me to assemble the rack and load it with shoes. That being said at least it will encourage me to put them back neatly instead of just sighing and walking away.


3 thoughts on “Project – a place for everything

  1. The open wardrobe above the bed is stunning! I guess everything else being so well furnished and white really makes it a showpiece. I really liked it and even pinned the image (hope that is okay). BTW are they Melissa heels I spy in your wardrobe?? 🙂

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