At this point I kind of have to admit I’m more quirky than normal. I’ve spent a lot of time either hiding my differences or allowing people I am close to to wrinkle their nose at the things I like or want to do.  Some of my quirks are not so helpful, like mild claustrophobia and that even the idea of touching terry cloth makes me shudder (I could go on but I’d need a normal person nearby just so they could remind me of all the things about me that are odd). I’ve heard many people tell me I’m weird, but when my husband tells me I’m weird he says it with a smile and admiration.  He likes that I don’t so much march to the beat of my own drum as I do skip to the music in my head, it’s taken a while for me to appreciate that, it’s taken a while for me to learn to like myself.

The thing is I should more than just tolerate myself or have a small but burgeoning happiness about who I’ve become.   I needed a turning point and today I really think I got one.  Someone I really like said to me ‘I used to think I was weird but then I realised I was just awesome.’

She was right, and it’s time for me to realise that I’m awesome too.


3 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. Love it! Being awesome rocks 🙂 life would be so boring if we were all the same, sure it might be easier to be ‘normal’ but it’s silly to deny ourselves the right to be awesome!

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