Papa’s girl

Eve has recently become acutely aware that once Aînée & Tarrant have left for school and Papa has waved goodbye she’s stuck home with just me for company.

Poor thing has realised she wants dad more than mama at the moment, we have an hour or so each morning crying for Papa and bits and pieces of going to the window calling for papa throughout the day.

She seems to have hit the phase of separating from mummy, including breast refusal. I thought it would be nice when she wanted me a little less, but really it’s not. The sadness of the beginning of weaning is it’s own minefield emotionally but coupled with her now wanting papa instead it’s emotionally exhausting.

Hopefully it’s just a phase, but at the moment I’m taking it one day at a time and trying to gently distract Eve from her distress with games and books and songs. So far she’s responding some of the time by bringing me books to read her and other times by yelling and kicking. I’m still figuring out what works best for Eve.

You’d think Eve being my third child I’d have this stuff sorted, but each child (for me) has been so wildly different that it’s like starting anew each time. Each little person is just that a person, with their own personality and the different needs because of that individuality. It’s funny how when you’re pregnant people are obsessed with the sex of your baby when really its their unique personality that has more impact on your parenting.

When I’m having a hard time bringing my parenting in line with these different little personalities, especially one in this case that is such a little but powerful force, I try to remember to slow my step down to her pace, I try to remember that just as much as I am still learning who she is Eve is learning what everything is. That’s a whole lot of learning to fit into such a small being.


7 thoughts on “Papa’s girl

  1. I was devastated when I realised Olive was weaning. That must have been about 6 months ago, and I still miss it! Hope Eve takes it gently on you. And thanks for the reminder that they’re learning about themselves too, as are we – I needed it. Kellie xx

    • Thanks Kellie I am glad she hasn’t just completely weaned but am still sad, I was hoping to get to the two year mark but I don’t think we’ll make it, I appreciate knowing that it’s normal to feel sad.

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