Just another day

Today’s been just another in a string of yuck days, cranky unsettled Eve and aloof teenagers are making for a worn out and forlorn mum.

I’m sure that the work being done at the back end of the house is playing a big part in unsettling everyone. I’m sure no one with the possible exception of me* likes living in a construction site.

But even with the general malaise clouding over lately, today has had a couple of lovely moments.

I was laying on the floor reading this morning and Eve climbed on my back with her own book, promptly falling asleep and snoring loudly.


Then this afternoon again laying on the floor**, Eve started kiss attacking me, this involves slobbery slightly bitey kisses and a giggling baby. It’s very nice but quite difficult to capture.


Here’s hoping for a couple more lovely moments before bed tonight.

* I’m enjoying the construction mess because it says we’re making progress.

** tired from a bad night sleep and the earlier mentioned construction I’ve spent as much as possible of the day laying down.


2 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. I love this post! It reminds me how even though things can seem bad, there are still good moments in there! I love the idea of being kiss attacked! I hope I can teach my bubby to do that to me when he’s older!! 🙂

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