Starting your second year

It’s the fourth again, marking your 13th month. I wasn’t sure I was going to keep writing your monthly updates but it feels like I should.

Last night was a pretty awful night for you and today you are overtired and weepy interspersed with huge smiles and affection.

Another tooth has broken through and another seems to be growing in behind an existing tooth causing you immense trouble. Teething is horrible and I hate to see what it puts you through.

You’ve figured out climbing on the couch and bed, today climbing the ladder while daddy was trying to move it and the pram via it’s wheel. It seems I’m going to have to secure things that you can climb and think of everything as something you can climb.

Your climbing skills mean that you can now get on the rocking bear and rock whenever you please, which is both gorgeous and a relief from your clinginess. Your playing has grown, snuggling teddies and dolls, making dogs bark is one of your favourite things to do along with reading your books to me.

Sometimes when I’m sitting on the floor reading you’ll run behind me and lay on my back cuddling me, it fills me with such warmth and deep joy to know you love me even on bad days.

Words are coming randomly, often you’ll perfect a word and then decide you’re not interested in saying it anymore, like up. You prefer to communicate through actions, pointing to things or laying down when you’d like your bottom changed, it is making life a lot easier.

I know though that communication is making your little life frustrating, because you know what you want but I’m not always the best at catching your message.

You’re startlingly clever, I think you’re going to be the best kind of trouble my little love.










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