Doors, who knew?

So doors have been a major focus for me in the last week. I’ve been to every door store in town, several times, which might sound arduous but there’s only about four places, this really is a small town masquerading as a city.
We have a small “room” that the back door currently opens on to, if it was at the front it would be a lovely entryway, where it is it’s just a puzzling waste of space. The wall is 20cm too short to have French or double sliding doors open fully on to it, which leaves us with trying to find the true French doors that are narrower (620mm instead of 820mm) or putting in a pivot door (1200mm).
Have I lost you in the tedium yet? No?

Next hurdle is of course pricing, a pivot door, while absolutely gorgeous and a little bit different as a back door is almost certainly the most expensive. The door and frame coming in at $2288 at one retailer and a slightly more reasonable $1683 for the exact same set up at another (both excluding handles and locks).

Then there’s the standard door size in the same style $1314 – $1028, or a horizontal glass version (which is my less preferred frosted glass) $478, which we’d turn in to double doors opening outwards, due to the lack of inside wall space.

Or these salvaged doors $1200 which I love but I’m a bit unsure of the security, but I LOVE. So I’m kind of hoping that we measure them and they’re too tall*.

Sorry for all the crappy photos, but I figured they’re better than none.

For anyone who got through the door conundrum without snoring here’s a picture of how much Petite loves balloons.

*I should be careful what I wish for the beautiful arched doors are 20cm too tall, it seems like all of my good ideas are out by 20cm!


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