My $25 “new” bed

Partly motivated by the need to rearrange my house after Thursdays’ bad feeling lingered in my house I finally finished making my new bed.
I’d LOVE to upgrade our bed to a king sized bed but with current budget issues that’s just not a true priority. In the meantime I was stuck with a perfectly nice and functional brown leather bed. In the right house it’s perfectly lovely, but in this house with its disgusting brown carpet, timber windows, doors and picture rails it was just too much brown. It also wasn’t visually soft or inviting in the way I think a bed should be.

With a pretty non existent budget I did think I was going to be stuck with it all the same. Fortunately Lincraft has some pretty awesome markdowns on fabric here and I was able to score some dove grey fabric with a beautiful woven texture. Actually it’s the same fabric that I used to make a relaxed roman blind for the lounge, so obviously I like it enough to keep using it and am quite happy to admit a fair portion of that like can be attributed to the $4.95 a metre price tag.

To work out how much fabric I would need I measured the head, foot and sides of the bed and drew a very rough pattern plan.

Then purchased my fabric and left it to sit for approximately four weeks, this is a very important step if you are a procrastinator.

Motivated eventually I then laid out the fabric and measured and cut to the plan made earlier and of course sewed the head and foot covers to essentially form a slip cover for each end.

I then simply* slipped the covers over and secured underneath using a staple gun. For the sides I didn’t sew at all I just wrapped the fabric around and stapled.

Here’s before

And here’s after

Bonus shot with Eve “helping”

* simply meaning dodging an over interested bouncy toddler who wants to climb on you and the bed pieces while you are trying to wield a staple gun. So straightforward in theory frustratingly slow in practice.


10 thoughts on “My $25 “new” bed

  1. I’m being the little crazed commenter at the moment! Could I please have your email address (or can you email me) want to ask something but not over the blog xoxo

  2. Eve looks as though she’s claiming it all as her own work ;)Wish I had your crafting talent the change is amazing for such a nice price tag!

    • I think she might think it was her work! That or she trying to tell me how much she hates the sound of the staple gun. It’s not perfect by any means but I am glad I can sew and knit it can really save money.

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