It started out so well

Yesterday started out so nicely, paperwork that Mr. Wolff was waiting on for admission arrived in the mail, I’d done three loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom and even managed to brush my hair and put on makeup.
Eve and I went shopping and picked up the rug I’d had my eye on for a third of its original price. We had coffee with my gorgeous friend whose belly has begun to swell with baby number four.


Then we came home and the back door was ajar, at first I figured I hadn’t slid the bolt across properly, but then I saw the glass.

It’s not the first time we’ve been broken into, and again it’s to feed someone’s drug habit. Only jewelry and cash missing, cash that  Mr. Wolff had been painstakingly saving to upgrade his dying iPad that next week could have been bought. Sure it’s a first world problem, it’s not starvation or disease. But it is a new window and back door in a position that is going to be completely changed rendering the door and window obsolete and stopping other projects planned for this weekend. It’s feeling invaded and watched again, knowing that they knew exactly where to find our things.

At least now my anger has fueled me through the rest of the cleaning and most of the way through reupholstering the bed. It’s reinforced my need to let go of things and continue to clean out and donate those things that we don’t really need that are languishing and taking up space.

It’s made me realise that I don’t believe in karma.

It’s made me want a bigger dog who doesn’t cuddle up to strangers breaking in to my house.

And a security system and maybe to move house again. So much for letting go of things


8 thoughts on “It started out so well

  1. Lila you always amaze me with your strength! I’m so glad I can count you as a friend (even if we’ve never met). I hate that this has happened to you and you’re family, it just isn’t fair. But still you stand tall and above it all. Your children are so lucky to have a woman such as yourself to look up to. I hope the universe sends amazing things your way after this because you deserve it.
    We got our house somewhat security fitted and the guy said you can buy fake looking cameras at Bunnings, put up watch out for the dog signs etc… He said every little thing helps – I don’t know if that will help you out but just some cheaper suggestions! I am always scared of what my dog’s reaction would be because I would hate to come home to him dead 😦 so I am grateful that your dog is a cuddler so he/she is still part of your family!
    Once again BIG HUGE HUGS!

    • Thanks Jess, you’re so lovely and a good friend to have!
      We’ve actually got real cameras on their way because I’ve had things stolen from the front porch before. A bit of barbed wire on the inside of the fence is probably going to happen too. It’s just frustrating as it completely changes my perception of my home and my future design choices to be a lot more secure. Thanks again for the support as it keeps me strong.

  2. What awful news 😦
    I want to believe in karma but not sure I do anymore either.
    You must feel so violated.
    I’m glad that nobody was home when they broke in but it sucks so much that they broke in at all.
    Hugs to your entire family

    • I really wanted to believe in karma but I know that I’m mostly a good person and I’m tired of crappy things happening and crappy people getting away with this stuff.
      It really is violating and brings up so much anger in me that I’ve worked so hard to rid myself of.
      Thank you so much for your support it really means a lot to me that people care, it reminds me that not all people are awful.

  3. Oh Lila, I read this and for some reason my comment did not come through. What an awful feeling. It must bring out your fierce protective mama instincts too i.e want get a huge wolf dog with fangs that will tear any robbers’ eyeballs out who dare enter your house. Like Em said, so lucky no-one was home and it was just things that go taken but still, it is the shits right? To have someone uninvited in your home and sanctuary, such a horrible feeling. Good on you for turning negative energy in positive actions. Wishing some positive beautiful lovely things your way and soon. xxx

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