Ducks, tissues and iPads


We’ve had all our weekend plans put on hold, the snot monster has come for a visit.

We’ve had a long night with a little girl who doesn’t understand why she feels so terrible and as much as that sucks I’m grateful that we slipped past the first year mark without any colds.

I went in for the spoiling method, which included a bath at 5am bringing three rubber ducks back to bed and watching Octonauts on the iPad, and some tissue throwing.

I’m pretty sure we’re headed for another long night so I’m grateful that there was a long nap and some small reprieves from foot stomping and frustration during the day.


So here’s to vaporisers, Vicks baby rub, tissues and all those other parents out there not getting any sleep. How lucky we are that all it is is a cold.


4 thoughts on “Ducks, tissues and iPads

    • I hope you don’t get another cycle of sickness, that’s unfair. Thanks and I hope you’re all better soon, I can’t wait for summer now a nice hot sun to blast all the germs away.

  1. Poor baby and poor Mummy. It’s exhausting isn’t it? I had to spoil Lily with too much iPad and TV – she definitely went over her 1 hour a week quota . I hope Eve gets better soon…

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