Gratitude and my attitude

For any of you who don’t know this year I started a separate blog with the aim of posting something I am grateful for every day this year.
I’m 195 days in today which is a little over half way and while I haven’t always gotten the post to publish each day, I have been able to find something, however small each day that I am truly grateful for.

I hadn’t thought too deeply about what effect it had had in my life other than reminding me to remember how lucky I am, until reading this post on Sometimes Sweet, the quote that the post is based on rings true for me and this sort of experiment I’ve been doing.

As the time has gone on I’ve found something interesting happening to my attitude, making sure on even the worst, most tired or saddest day to take time to be grateful for something has started to shift my mind away from negativity. I have a mind that often springs to negative reaction as its first stop, one little thing would go wrong and the whole day was ruined, overly dramatic I know.

Not that I’m now perfect or zen in my attitude, but I am getting better and with that negativity diminishing my happiness increases. I think focusing on what I do have and not what I do want is a big step for the better in my life, I really hope to use the rest of the year to push out negativity in other areas of my life and to enjoy the things I do have.

Who knows maybe I’ll regain the strength I need to do things with myself first in mind instead of last.


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