Playtime at Paper + Cake

Yesterday Eve and I went for our second (her third) play at a new place called Paper + Cake.
It’s a gorgeous place with a relaxed Scandinavian style and lovely classes for little ones.

Eve’s first class was with Papa for the daddy and me evening but unfortunately no other daddies or their “mes” attended, we are holding out hope that with word of mouth and some advertising some others will start going so they aren’t playing alone.

The other two classes we’ve been to are mummy and me, the first week Eve painted and this week we decorated biscuits. Being little and having a short attention span means Eve stops part way through and heads off to play with the toys and run around in circles, fortunately that’s perfectly okay at Paper + Cake and so is making a mess.

Its lovely to have a place to take her that I can relax while she socialises and gets some of the play and human contact that she misses out on because she doesn’t go to childcare.


11 thoughts on “Playtime at Paper + Cake

    • I’m afraid not but it would be great if they became successful and franchised the idea! You’ll just have to visit us in the middle of nowhere to go for a play 😉

  1. Wow! Looks awesome! I must find a place like that!I did love Gymbaroo but found it a little ‘ridged’ and the times in the end never suited us as Abi was usually sleeping.

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