Holding my breath

I’m probably jinxing myself here but Eve napped alone for an hour and a half yesterday.
I did have to climb into the cot with her to get her to sleep, but my retreat was successful on the second try and there she stayed, snugly asleep ALONE! I held my breath and tiptoed back with the camera to prove that it really did happen.

It’s funny how my days achievements used to revolve around multi million dollar accounts and attempting not to tell people where they could stick them and now they revolve around sleep warfare.


6 thoughts on “Holding my breath

  1. Interesting to know that a cot will hold an adult humans weight!Now that’s what I’ve learnt for today!
    Love that cot! Such a shame she hardly ever uses it 😦
    How was she when she woke?

    • It is a huge shame Sammie, I sometimes feel like its an incredible waste having it! I’m not sure about most adults but I’m short and 44kg so I’m not a lot of pressure on it, although I’m not the only person I know who has used this technique so they probably are strong enough for most people.She was upset when she woke but lots of praise helped with that, to be honest she can wake up pretty grumpy even if I’m there, I’m positive she’s just angry that she fell asleep and missed out on something.

  2. But we wouldn’t have our lives any other way 😉 let’s hope it’s the start of something amazing. The house and Eve’s nursery is looking great, so exciting!

    • Absolutely Jess, some of this really makes me miss work and some of it makes me so glad I’m able to sacrifice cash and stay home. It’s such a hard choice for every family. Thanks for the compliments, I’ll be much happier once I get the carpet up and the walls painted but things are ever so slowly on the move at least.

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