Our wintry weekend

It’s been a lovely weekend so far; busy but more restful than last weekends’ birthday bustling.
Saturday was a wonderful winter day, still crisp but enough sunshine to get moving and do a few small things with the house.

Like actually put a door handle on the front door and start experimenting with exterior paint schemes.

It’s much easier to leave the house when you don’t have to cajole the door closed using only your fingertips.

We also planted some onions, garlic and chives around Eve’s tree.

You can also see the hose for our not yet finished dripper system I was hoping the sun would be out again today to soften the hose and make it easier to lay but it’s a true grey cool winter day today.

Eve’s tree is a Fuji red apple which we planted in honour of her first birthday.

We decided that as much as possible of our garden is going to be productive so at the moment I’m fixated on pretty but productive gardens and learning about companion planting, I’m not keen on chemicals.

Today doing has stalled in favour of cosying up and planning our new kitchen.

How has your weekend been?


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