Today you are one

The last twelve months could never have prepared me for today and the way it makes me feel. You’ve grown as I’ve stood still and watched time move too fast around you. You make me so proud but my heart aches knowing my baby is now a toddler and soon a little girl.

The changes have been more subtle this month, another new tooth but not up front where expected hiding down the side instead, more sounds edging closer to more words, and as of today a social side I hadn’t seen before like you know it’s your special day.

You have definitely said balloon and are officially obsessed with them, you actually said yellow balloon which startled me even though the balloon was orange. We’ve heard balloon a couple of times since but now you seem to have dropped the word in favour of squealing when you see one.

Toys are now snuggled and not just thrown, sometimes they get one of your loving kisses. Your joy of pulling everything out of the toy box or wash basket is now accompanied by you putting everything back which I have to say I like.

Swimming is progressing to a froggy paddle which you like to do most if someone is watching you, I love Mondays because swimming is one of the few activities that wear you out.

Running around just seems to wind you up and you go go go ever busy jetting around, now with some chatter in between. You like to talk most when there is someone to talk over the top of.

You been successfully breastfed for 12 months now, six of those supplemented with soy formula to help with your ever hungry belly. You love to eat everything including non food items which can be tiring but I am grateful for your lack of fuss as it makes it easier to navigate your dairy and beef allergies.

You still sleep like a newborn, I’m still hoping for some magical switch in your development that lets you sleep for more than four hours at a time.

So many details and I’m sure many more I’m forgetting, except the most important one, we are truly exceptionally blessed to have been given you and I treasure all these moments even though they move too fast for me.
I don’t know how we ever got by without you.












Tomorrow a trip down memory lane.


11 thoughts on “Today you are one

  1. Oh Eve! You are one! Where has this past 12 months gone!
    Just loving the photos! Shows how damn hard it is to get a ‘shot’ of a child!!!
    And such big words! I’m impressed! I’m still trying to get Abi to wave and clap her hands… She’s driving me nuts!
    And I feel for you on the sleeping front. We still are very lucky if we get a sleep through or only 1-2 wake ups. So tiring.

    And high five of the breastfeeding. I would have kept going if it wasn’t for going back to work 😦 I feel guilty every time I get Abi a bottle of formula 😦

    • I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with sleep too, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody! You don’t have anything to feel guilty about. You’re a great mum and breast or bottle feeding doesn’t change that either way.

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  3. Read this after the memory lane and oh my gosh, where has time gone and Eve is becoming a gorgeous little lady. She looks and sounds like tonnes of fun and I hope that she starts to sleep better for you. I was reading this and it made me both cherish the present with Logan and look forward to the future so thank you 🙂

    • Thanks Jess, I just try to remind myself that if crappy sleep is the worst we have to deal with then we are very lucky, not so easy to remember on these frosty nights though!
      Eve is growing into an amazing little person a little too clever sometimes but a joy for sure. I’m sure Logan is and is only going to get more amazing as he grows!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that Eve had an awesome birthday ( I loved the decorations and the cute cake!). She looks so much like a little girl now and it’s been really special reading about her development.

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