A beautiful birthday

Yesterday was Eve’s first birthday party, the forecast was set for cold and rain and final numbers were unknown.

The morning was perfect sunshine and not too cold considering it is winter, we spent that time cleaning running around for balloons and piñata stuffers and golf tees* and icing the cake.

Party time came and the sun decided to hide behind the clouds, the wind twisted and buffered the balloons but no rain came.

It was just perfect, not picture perfect like you see on the extremely styled (probably very expensive) and very chic birthday parties that float around on blogs, but real perfect friends and family relaxing together and enjoying Eve’s celebration.


















All in all a day that had me saying the one thing that has constantly sprung to mind since we had Eve, we are truly blessed.

* a cool little pinterest tip that had the balloons staked in around the lawn, it would have been magical if it wasn’t for the wind.


8 thoughts on “A beautiful birthday

  1. Congratulations! And Happy 1st Birthday Eve.
    Looks like the perfect Aussie backyard family party, stuff those perfectly styled blogger chic parties what you posted is exactly what it’s all about.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful little Eve! Amazing how time flies – can’t believe it was a year ago that I was checking your blog for news of her birth!!! Her party looks wonderful. Full of family and beautiful details. I LOVE her boots!!!! I am dying for them:) That last photo with mr wolff and little eve – my heart stops…so so beautiful. He looks like his heart is full. Wow – what a year. What indeed a blessing this year has been. Thank you for sharing it with us. Really glad to have been able to share all the excitement, frustration, highs and lows of motherhood with you. xx

    • It really has been a huge year, I’m glad sharing has been interesting to others I’m not always sure if it is or if I’m just shouting into the cyber winds!

  3. You did such a great job with the decos! It looks so festive I’m particularly loving the piñata and the door wreath.. So colourful and so much fun!!
    I love P’s outfit too.. Big fan of the stripey tights!! She looks amazing.
    Looks like a lovely day a perfect celebration for very important milestone. Xoxo

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