Prepping for a party

With Eve’s party coming up this weekend I’ve been trying to get some prep in each day so that I’m not a melting ball of stress on the day.

Today was decorations day and because I’m clever (lazy) I’ve loosely themed the party as confetti. I think it’s brilliant, circles of colour couldn’t be easier!

Instead of streamers I decided to make confetti style swags. All you need is coloured card, scissors and a sewing machine.

Once I had my coloured cards I grabbed some different sized cups and bowls and traced outlines on each card.


Then spent what felt like hours cutting out each circle.


And finally randomly attached the circles to each other using the sewing machine.


There you have it, cheap and easy birthday decorations.



4 thoughts on “Prepping for a party

  1. Why can’t you live closer to me 😉 Awesome idea, I may have to steal this for Logan’s birthday, I think I’m going to do hot air balloons (yes I am planning way too far in advance!)

    • It is a shame we don’t live closer, I have an idea to make them hot air balloons, after the party is over I’ll try it out. I started planning ages ago, I think it helps me cope with the fact she’s nearly one already.

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