Yay it’s Friday!

As usual the week has sped past and the was TV most definitely not moved despite my best intentions. I did however completely rearrange our bedroom moving the bed under a window so that when you walk into our room you don’t walk into the bed. I also cleaned our windows taking approximately 20 years of dust off them and bringing in so much light that I’ll probably need sunglasses in here next summer. I also disposed of the crazy ugly 1970’s orange sheer curtain and the torn disintegrating blind that has always bugged me but only suddenly* starting grating on Mr. Wolff.

Because I’m not an exhibitionist I figured I needed something to replace them with. After searching every homewares and op shop in town for a lovely crochet tablecloth to use** and coming up not only empty but also wet and tired, I gave up, went home and looked for a sheet to throw on the small window temporarily. Thankfully in what I laughingly refer to as my linen press I found a forgotten treasure.


It’s a pretty square tablecloth that I’d forgotten due to no longer owning a square table. So double bonus being free and giving new life to an old treasure.

I also found some velvet curtains at Spotlight on sale, they were rod pocket which is not a favorite style of mine but I got around that with clip style curtain rings. For now they’re hanging on the existing (gross) brown rod but I’ll be changing that for high tensile wire ASAP.


I’d love to change the bed for something softer but for now I’m stuck with it. The next step for this room is finishing our ceiling repairs and then painting, I’ve found the perfect colour so I can’t wait.

Nothing too interesting will get done this weekend though, because we have to do a super purge and clean for Evie’s party next weekend.

*”suddenly” being coincidentally exactly when I moved the room around and there was a clearer view of the broken blind.

**damn Pinterest for giving me ideas.


2 thoughts on “Yay it’s Friday!

  1. don’t you love setting up house haha I swore that I’d finished our bedroom and Logan’s room and now I find myself back to square one after an Ikea (NEVER AGAIN) shop!

    • I’m definitely nowhere near finished in there, we have to finish patching the ceiling and repaint then tear up the disgusting carpet and do the floors! As much as I love Ikea it’s probably a good thing we don’t live anywhere near one! I’d love to see what you’re doing with your place Jess.

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