How do you know?

When you’re done having babies?

I was so very certain when I was pregnant with Eve and afterwards adamant that I was done, done, done with that part of my life.

But as we hurtle to her first birthday and past her brothers’ thirteenth there’s that familiar ache. It starts out as a soft tugging at my heart, a tiny little whisper that has grown with each milestone passed. Steadily it’s increased through a pattering of the heart to a louder steady march, momentarily squashed on screamy sleepless nights, but not silenced for long.

I turn potential names over in my mind, names for a little person I was never going to consider.

Is it just hormones, premature nostalgia, extreme sleep deprivation? Or is there a little one waiting wherever it is that we wait?

Do we keep Eve an almost only child with such a leap between her and her older siblings? Is that good, bad or indifferent to her quality of life?

Then there’s the ease of organising one little one rather than two, two free hands to take care of their needs and no one competing for your attention.

If it were just up to me I think my heart would rule and the decision would be made, but it’s never that simple.

Tell me your tales of having siblings, or not having siblings, your opinions on how it impacts on your life and who you are. Tell me how or if you know when it’s time to stop?


3 thoughts on “How do you know?

  1. I vote have one more! 🙂 It would be so nice for Eve to have a sibling close in age, especially once your older two have grown up and moved out. Surely after an initial period of being harder, it would actually get easier agsin as they become old enough to play and entertain one another- less pressure on you!
    You made such gorgeous kids- it would be a shame to stop now!
    I have started to feel bit clucky too and we plan to start trying at end of the year, so I’m excited about that

  2. Oh and just wanted to add, my sister is my best friend. We always got on as kids and are still very close. I think having a sibling was important not just for early childhood but as a teen, when it all turns to shit at school, you’ve always got a ally at home.. And you know even when your parents are dead and gone someones still got your back

  3. That’s so lovely Em I often wish I had sibling/s it’s a bond that I’m a bit envious of and a big part of why I’d like another. Mr. Isn’t quite on board though, he thinks the lack of sleep will kill me!
    I’m really excited that you’re going to have another, Bay is too lovely for you not to have more!

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