Long weekend labours of love

How wonderful is an extra day in the weekend?

Mr. Wolff gets all motivated and things we’ve been shirking suddenly must get done, it’s lovely.

This weekend saw some construction and constructive destruction. Our new (recycled) front door finally got hung and we started work on our bland/ugly fireplace.

No photos of the door as yet because hanging it wrecked my paint job and we’ve had to reassess our choice of door handle.*

BUT, just in case anyone is curious here are some shots of the fireplace in progress.


Part way through


And done, sort of


Now we just need to remove the mantel and the ugly layer of glazed bricks, repair and render inside and most importantly (to me) figure out how to cover up the horrible glazed bricks. Any suggestions?

I’m off to move the tv and all of those dreadful cords.

* yes this does mean we are currently living with a handle less front door, I live an odd life right now.


2 thoughts on “Long weekend labours of love

  1. How cool! Not sure about covering bricks (could you get some ideas off pinterest) but I’m sure whatever you do will be fab, there is nothing better than an open fireplace!!

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