Swimming or drowning

I’m not always sure which. At the moment I have no idea how past me managed two small children and full time work, when present me can’t even manage to squeeze out a blog with this very active little one!

We’ve been busy with the minutiae of everyday life:

Washing, never ending loads of washing.

Teething, drooly-screamy-unhappy teething, it’s too cruel.

Cleaning gunk from Eve’s eye, surgery has made little to no improvement.

Painting our new front door, but not getting around to hanging it.

Waiting for Mr. Wolff to come home from work and looking forward to our weekends together.

Snuggling on the couch as an entire family (breaking the no tv for Eve rule) to watch Dr. Who.

Slowily chipping away at making the house a home, very little progress there beyond furniture placement. Unless you count millions of pins on Pinterest of things I do if we had the money.

Planning Evie’s first birthday, dealing with the disappointment that two of her grandparents  have chosen to go on holidays rather than be at her party. That and a little sadness that she doesn’t have any baby friends to invite.  But those only serve as motivators to make sure it’s a beautiful day that we’ll remember even if she’s too young to, and a reminder to appreciate those who will be there (my mum and others from near and very far).

So that’s where we are and where we’ve been, hopefully I can start finding the motivation to write again, now I’ve made a start.


8 thoughts on “Swimming or drowning

  1. Sad to hear that the op so far hasn’t worked for Evie 😦
    I’m not sure what to do about Abi’s birthday either… I don’t think we will really have any baby friends either (one of the sad parts of the move for us)

    • Thanks Sammie, I’m sure it will get better one way or another eventually. If we were closer I’d make sure Eve and Abi got to meet I’m sure they’d make lovely baby friends! Hopefully the little extra time you have will mean Abi meets some new friends before her birthday.

  2. Oh I’m sorry to hear that the surgery didn’t help with Eve’s eye. Did they recommend any other treatments which might help? I’m sure the 1st birthday party will still be fantastic and such a shame that some important people can’t be there…

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