It finally happened 11 months in and we missed your day, in my defense we did have a really good nap together and I don’t think my brain could handle all that sleep at once.

Not so much has been happening this month as the yucky weather slows us down. Walking has given way to running and your favourite thing to do is to kick balls around. If it’s the soft knitted ball you like to throw it and then run and kick it, your coordination at this age astounds me and I’m positive you don’t get it from me!

You’ve gained one more tooth bringing the total to seven, with more trying their best and our patience on their way through.

The morning routine is a little haphazard but you like your nom, nom noms and squealing if I’m not quick enough to get them. You seem to take pleasure in trying to share food with papa’s suit, which I’m sure is part of a ruse to keep him home from work. His tie is a signal for you, on and you’re not happy because you know that means work, off and out come the smiles because papa’s home.

Fairly suddenly you seem to have switched from a curled up side sleeper to a sprawling tummy sleeper but still very little movement on getting you to sleep alone. The occasional nap in the pram after swimming or a long walk and a sleep in a friends swing are about the best we’ve managed but swiftly comes the day when sleeping with or even cuddling mum will be uncool so for now I try my best to savor your sleep dependency.

You’ve developed a love of chattering in a mostly indecipherable language. With some ta da’s and yeah’s scattered through with hello. If I’m in another room and you’re looking for me I hear you calling Li-la to which I reply mama’s here. I’m not sure what’s made you pick up my name but you love saying it.

I’m pretty sure now that the reason you think that the hiding game (where you hide behind us and we call out ‘oh no! Where’s Evie?) is so funny, is because you think we are stupid. I’m convinced because if I try to hide something behind me you know it’s there but you still cackle when we play that game, your laugh is worth it though.

We permanently have at least one guitar in the lounge room as you are still loving plucking at the strings at random intervals. You’re quite tuneful which is another talent you have not gotten from your mama, it’s surprising and lovely to listen to you play. Even more so if papa picks up a guitar and you try to play along, we’ve even heard you back him up with an interesting drum beat from time to time. Like me you enjoy painting, although at this stage I suspect that it is the joy of squishing paint between your fingers that is the winner there and the possibility you could eat the paint if I’d just stop watching you. You like to eat strange things like loose plaster or the brick from the fireplace it can be tiring keeping you safe from your odd appetites.

We’re all looking forward to your next update our precious, precocious girl will be one and those who matter most will coming from all over to celebrate with us and others who can’t make it will surely be there in spirit. Here’s hoping it’s a day as lovely as the one you were born.


9 thoughts on “11.033333

  1. I agree with Sammy, how did she get so big! Happy to hear the surgery went well.I saw something on Pinterest that might help with eating paint, putting paint in a ziplock bag & then taping to the table.
    She sounds like an absolute delight, you guys must be so proud xoxo

  2. I love how each of those photos is showing such a different expression.. I can just see she is such a character and it’s amazing to me she is almost one already!
    PS out of curiosity do you pronounce your name Lee-lah or Lie-lah

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