Tearing through to ten

Today was a funny everything-nothing kind of day it marked another Semi-milestone you strolled on through to the ten month mark.

The weather is turning crisp and trying to keep socks on your feet is a challenge even on a frosty morning. Of a night we’ve resorted to all in ones to keep you warm but not overheated, fleecy footy pajamas are too thick for you and you sweat in them.

You’ve really hit your stride since we’ve moved in to our new home having two regular nap times (almost) every day. Sometimes I can even slip away and get housework done which is lovely. I’m holding out hope that this means you’ll eventually go down for a nap without so much need or me.

As of this week you are officially a walker, crawling is only used when you can’t walk through or you are in a huge hurry. You are a teeny tiny toddler and you’re just too adorable.

You love to chatter away especially when others are already talking, you’re one of the big people too. I so wish that I knew what you were telling me, I’m sure it’s amazing.

One of the biggest bonuses about our new home is watching the pure joy you have in getting outside. You light up when the front door opens and you rush to the lawn, I love this most when you’re playing with your big brother and sister.

Today we got your surgery time for your tear duct repair. On Monday you will have the surgery and hopefully you’ll no longer wake up with your eye glued together. On Monday when you wake up from the surgery that will be as big a relief as the first breath you took when you were born, until then I’ll be holding mine.


3 thoughts on “Tearing through to ten

  1. I was thinking of the eye situation today.Such a shame it didn’t correct it’s self, but will be so great after the opp !!!
    Walking at 10 mths! Yikes! I have a friend who I am sure her baby will be the same!

  2. Oh clever clogs walking already.. so advanced.
    my Love I will be thinking of you both on Monday, and sending positive healing vibes in your direction.
    I have no doubt it will go perfectly but understand you will be holding your breath until then. Very very very best of wishes and looking forward to an update on the successful surgery and how much more comfy Evie is feeling afterwards

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