Chairs everywhere and also crap

We’re slowly settling in to our new home and Mr Wolff is powering through the jobs. We have side fences, a new toilet and our bedroom ceiling mostly lifted thanks to his hard work and what little help I can be with baby limpet stuck to me.
Whenever I’ve gotten a few minutes to spare I’ve been working on my chair. Here’s the before if you can’t recall.


And here it is now refinished and covered with my just-now-delivered sheepskin.


So pretty and comfy.

What will I do with all those seconds of free time I now have I hear you ask.

Problem solved


My four new beautiful if you squint just right dining chairs, which cost me the amazing total amount of $15.

I can’t wait to clean and repair them and get rid of our bulky* high back dining chairs that are currently taking up way too much room in my kitchen.

*space is at an absolute premium in our little home so along with too big chairs there is a lot of crap that has to go.



2 thoughts on “Chairs everywhere and also crap

  1. Yay! Congratulations on finishing that beautiful chair and hurrah for your Hubby’s handyman abilities. I wish my husband had some of those.

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