Outside as long as in (9 months)

Well here we are again and this busy month so quickly gone by. The significance of hitting nine months is not lost now you’ve been out in the world around the same amount of time that you grew inside me.


This months’ photos paint you as deceptively laid back. But while you’re a lovely happy baby you do not stay still.

Your ability to be going constantly hasn’t even been slowed by your first cold, or cutting two teeth the day of your Daddy’s graduation. Crawling is still your get there fast mode of transportation but you are standing up on your own and have even taken two steps independently.  I think you could walk now if you wanted to but you are very cautious about it and the slightest wobble makes you stop and sit down.

You’re extremely unfussy about food, which is fantastic. You stole a pomegranate right out of my hands and refused to give it back, which was adorable. We’re going to have to work hard on you not taking other peoples food so that you don’t accidentally have any dairy.

Your eye is still gunky so more than likely you’ll be having it fixed surgically before your birthday. It’s a scary thought having you go through surgery, but I won’t miss the frustration you have waking to a stuck together eye.

You have more words than ever, or at least very convincing noises. Mum is very strong and you also now say Lila which is adorable. You’ve picked Tata for your brother but I think the P sound is your stumbling block for choosing a noise for your sister.

My favourite thing you’ve learned this month is to wave, you have a random system for when you feel like doing it.  More often than not you wave hello but not goodbye.  You’ve also started doing a bouncy little dance when daddy plays guitar and to some music. I was a bit surprised by how in to Come on feel the noise you were, but then I think I was surprised to hear it playing during an ad at all.


You are magnificent and you make it hard not to want a dozen children, except maybe when you scream and pee all over me at night, then not so much.

I love you thunder thighs.


5 thoughts on “Outside as long as in (9 months)

  1. Must curb desire for a dozen children hehe I cannot believe 9 months has passed, can time slow down for a bit please!

    I keep thinking I really want another baby soon, it didn’t help looking at tiny newborn photos of Logan!

    You write such lovely letters to her, thank you for sharing them 🙂

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