8 Million Kisses

Today you turned 8 months Eve, I’m sure that means I’ve covered you in at least 8 million kisses by now.
You can’t stay still for a second as always, but of course this means more now that you are super mobile.  Very mobile equals very bruised and bumped at times, but you are getting more and more stable.  Today in particular you’ve been delighting in standing without holding anything and trying so hard to take a step.

As you can see from above trying to get your photo in the chair is a challenge that requires papa just out of shot ready to grab you.  You can also see the baby gate which is now up due to your fascination with all things sharp, unsafe or dog foody.

Your fourth tooth broke through yesterday morning making you actually less bitey which is fantastic. Apart from the drool all over me the whole tooth situation is super adorable even if I can’t get a picture of them.

Baby swim lessons are going well, you love to kick and reach but even more you like to look at the other kids.  I shouldn’t be surprised that a babe born in the water has taken so well to it.

There haven’t been any new words since mum, dad, nan but you chatter constantly and this week the volume is through the roof. I think you’re going to be someone with a lot to say.

You’ve started to adjust to me being at Uni but I miss you so much while I’m there. We have a big week this week so I guess we’ll see if it’s going to work one way or another.

You’re 3/4 of the way to one, time to get on planning that party.


11 thoughts on “8 Million Kisses

  1. Love the photos! It truly shows Evie as an 8 month old.She looks adorable!!!
    We have another chatter box on our hands here too!
    I love this growing up they are doing… But why oh why does it have to happen so quick.

    • The chatter boxing is so cute but I think the why phase is going to be particularly trying for me.I agree that it’s way too fast, I can’t believe my oldest is already 16!

  2. Oh, how cute!!! 8 million kisses is about right! I’m doing the same with our eleven month old who’s turning one this month. I’m trying to get them all in before he can start running away from me! Don’t you just love it when they make chatter like that? Thanks for sharing these pics!Ronnie xo
    p.s. I seriously have chairs that look almost identical to that in both shape and colour!

    • Wow a special month in your house Ronnie, I hope it’s a lovely birthday!I love that we are chair twins, I hope that yours is a bit more sturdy than ours. The arms come off all the time.

  3. The pictures made me laugh! Eve looks she is ready to pounce! A mover and a shaker for sure! I still can’t believe how quickly she is growing! I feel all these babies are catching up to Lily!

    • It really does feel like they are catching up to Lily, the changes in her are amazing but not as obvious as at this early stage. She’s becoming such a lovely little girl that even though it’s going too quick it’s easier to accept ill be happy if Eve follows Lily’s growth.

  4. Oh Eve! So grown up and so gorgeous!!I love the way she is all over her chair.. (Sorry Dad sitting still is for losers!)
    What a lovely little Livewire you have XOXO

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