Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow is one of those words that can go either way, I’ll do it tomorrow procrastination or the excitement of the eve of something new.

Tomorrow is the start of my new path, my first day at University and my first day towards my Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Until this weekend I had become increasingly anxious about the prospect, and who knows after tomorrow I might just be back there, putting things off for another tomorrow.  The weekend just gone has boosted my confidence as Eve had two full days without me and only one meltdown during that time.  It also made me realise just how important creating is to me as I spent the two days learning the basics of lithography; it was fascinating, fun and full of interesting people.  The work was physical and emotional (although most of that could’ve been my out of control mummy hormones) and so very inspiring.  I’m going to be the best mum I can be by looking after my needs and interests instead martyring myself on the altar of putting everyone else first.  I know now that working on myself makes me happier and therefore a better mother, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to be confident in that.

How it will turn out, is something I’ll find out tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow, tomorrow

  1. I wish you all the best for tomorrow. I think what you are doing is certainly very admirable and with the blog you posted previously about self-esteem you really are being a fantastic role model for your kids by ‘giving it a go’ rather than just resigning to what other people say you shouldn’t do.

    I’ll be quite interested to hear about how your studies are going…it sounds very interesting!

  2. Hope it went well!
    I agree you need to look after yourself in order to look after others.
    It’s way to easy to become a mummy martyr, putting yourself at the bottom of every list.
    The course sounds wonderful. I hope we get to see some of your work.

  3. I’m through the biggest part of my second week and happy to report its going well. Eve is slowly adjusting to childcare and I’m adjusting to not holding my little one for most of the day. I’ve managed to change my schedule so that I have two days without classes which I think will really help both of us. Now to figure out how to get my non contact hours done.

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