A few of her favourite things

Eve probably has too many toys. I try to veer away from plastic and make toys for her. Eve however has other ideas. Her favourite playthings (I don’t let her play with the first two) are electrical cords, shoes, empty soft drink bottles, my phone case and remote controls.


Proof positive that I way over thought the hand made toy issue.


2 thoughts on “A few of her favourite things

  1. haha yes Bay has an ever growing collection of toys, despite my best intentions to keep it to a minimum- people keep giving her so much stuff!
    But she is exactly the same.. The things that really seem to fascinate her are ordinary items she sees us using every day.. She will pass up her toy box for the tupperware cupboard any day of the week.. she is obsessed with mobile phones and if she gets hold of mine she holds it to her ear and says “hello” which is cute although I worry about her getting a brain tumor. She alawys wants to play with my empty diet coke cans and her other favourite is pointing the remote at the tv and pressing all the buttons. haha ok I’ll stop now as I’m not painting a very flattering picture here.. like all I do is drink soft drink, talk on my phone and watch tv!! but its fascinating (and scary) to see how much they mimic what we do.

    I love that look of serious concentration on Eves face as she inspects your purse.


    • What is it with the diet coke cans, when Eve was tiny she watched them like a hawk. Every time I had one she was just fixated! Maybe they are better at marketing than I suspected.
      Don’t worry about the flattering picture I’m sure I make our place sound like a death trap!
      Also I wouldn’t worry about a brain tumor I’m pretty sure the initial panic was caused by some very unsound study, it doesn’t seem to be true that it’s dangerous. I adore that Bay says hello, she really is too cute!

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