Successful Seven

We’ve been so busy since our move, especially you Evie preoccupied with being on the move.

No longer the master of the caterpillar crawl you’ve got the real deal happening. However you’re not content to rest on your laurels, adding sitting, standing and scooting around furniture to your repertoire. I was hoping you wouldn’t be so like your sister but you seem to be heading down the early walker path.

I wish we could get you a baby helmet to protect your poor purple forehead, your relentless fearless pursuit of momentum has left its mark, thankfully temporarily.

Your little laugh has started when you know something you think is funny is going to happen. On a count to three the giggles start at two.

Noise is the order of your mornings, gurgling and daddading, a bit of nan here and there. I’m pretty sure you think mum is synonymous with food (silly baby mum mum crackers) or hurt.

No new teeth have popped through yet but boy have they been giving you a rough time. I can only hope they are through soon and you get a break.

So many big changes in your daily routine, daddy is now at work during the day and the kids are back at school. You aren’t very impressed that they aren’t here at your beck and call. The changes will keep running strong this month you’ll be giving childcare a try while mum is at Uni. I don’t know how they’re going to cope with your high energy antics.

My little precious bundle every fleeting day I am reminded of how precious you are and how blessed we are. Thank you for coming in to our lives.




8 thoughts on “Successful Seven

  1. (Yay for my dodgy laptop).
    Eve is such a little character, those photos are fantastic. It’s fun to watch everyone else’s children growing up and knowing Logan will be at those stages probably way before I’m ready for him to be! I’m just starting to miss him as a newborn now.

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