Evie’s eyes

I’m not sure if I’ve discussed this here but I feel like now is the time. Along with a milk protein allergy (which incidentally aggravates this) Eve was born with a blocked tear duct. It’s not nice but apparently not uncommon, and she may* grow out of it by the time she is nine months old.

The reasons I’ve decided to discuss this here are twofold.

One – while I try to keep to the positive happy stuff in my blogging I don’t want anyone else to feel they are less than due to the self censoring that is normal in blogs.
Our life is good but not perfect, we all have our challenges big and small, this being one I consider on the small side.

Two – I am so incrediblyOVER random strangers rudely asserting that my baby has conjunctivitis with no conversational prompting or good reason. This happens so frequently that I have started to find myself preemptively explaining that Eve has a blocked tear duct and it is neither conjunctivitis or infectious. Eve’s eye is often sticky within a short time of leaving the house, I carry wipes and drops with me to clean her eye, however the following pictures demonstrate why I sometimes leave the gunk alone until we get home.

Eve mid eye clean


Eve sees that I have the eye wipe


Eve’s feelings on having her eye wiped.


So thank you concerned strangers who appear to have my baby’s best interests at heart, I try not to think you get joy from your misinformed judgement of my parenting skills. But sometimes a little gunk is better for my baby than constantly traumatizing her to conform to people’s expectations.

Perhaps in the future we can overlook the gunk, you know in the same way I overlook your lack of manners.

* If it doesn’t get better by itself Eve will have a minor corrective surgery, I prefer not to dwell on that.


11 thoughts on “Evie’s eyes

  1. Oh the poor Little Honey.. The look on her face when she sees you coming at her with a wipe says it all!! And that last photo is heart breaking.

    Jeez people are so rude and ignorant.. I HATE it when randoms feel compelled to ‘educate’ me about my own child.. As if I’m not already making an informed choice about what I think is best for my baby! Grrrrr

    Bay had a blocked tear duct recently and I had daycare wouldnt let her in until I had a doc note saying it wasn’t conjunctivitis. Everyone was looking at us sideways for a while there.. (Hope this doesn’t come under the category of ‘unsolicited advice’ but I found wiping her eye with a cooled teabag seemed to really soothe the eye and she actually seemed to enjoy me doing it- unlike the wet wipe!)
    Anyhoo I hope that precious little girl gets back to 100% soon and in the meantime all those rude people BACK OFF

    • You’re not a random advice from you is always welcome and I’ll be giving the tea bags a whirl tomorrow. I appreciate something new to try because we have a few more months of this ahead by the look of it.

  2. As soon as I saw and read this post I HAD to respond for you.
    Abigail had the exsct same thing when she was new. It came at about 9 days old. I hated it. All the random comments etc… I then had a woman come up to me and was asking about it… I was embarrassed. But then she said her son had it too!
    It’s more common than people realise. Finally the doctor took a swab at 12 week for me. IT also came back as blocked tear duct. Nothing we could do, but if she still had it at 6-9 months then there is a small opperation that they can do. I tell me husband and he says to me “oh yeah, my brother had that!”
    One day I was walking along with Abi in the pram and I thoght to myself… I havewn’t wiped for eye for a while… and I looked and it was gone! (Just before Christmas – so she had it for about 4 months)
    Only the day before I spent a silly amount of money on a packet of disposible wipe thingys for eyes. They are called ‘little eyes’ (I think) I was the same as you and didn’t want to just use anything to randomly wipe Abi’s eye when we were out. This was going to be the answer to my problems! I haven’t used them. If you like email me your address at samanthaolson79@gmail.com and I would be more than willing to send you a few of these wipes for you to try and if you like them you can just buy them at the chemist.

    • Thanks Sammie I’m so glad Abbie has grown out of hers already hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We use the little eyes and love them because they cut through the stickiness, Eve hates them obviously but at least they keep it clean. Thank you for the lovely offer!

  3. OH!!! Tallulah had a severely blocked tear duct from when was born and I was continually wiping it ALL day long and she hated it, there would be tears, screams- it was horrid! Our doctor said we had to wait till she was 12 months and see if it cleared up and I was super dubious as the months passed and was convinced she would have to have an operation THEN at 11 months it cleared up! Who would have thought??

    Ross and I totally high-5ed each other and we were SO over the goop and we had comments all the time that she was crying/sick etc…seriously people!

    Hang in there! xx

    • Oh my! I can’t believe poor Tallulah had it for 11 months, but I’m thrilled to hear it cleared up without surgery. We’ll be high fiving and happy dancing too when E is through this!

  4. Also I just wanted to give a big thanks to you all for sharing your experiences and giving me some support it’s so lovely to have. That and not judging me for shoving a camera in Eve’s face while she went through the cleaning process.

  5. Hi Lila

    Happy Anniversary!

    I also wish to give you a big hug! My friend’s son (who is 2 weeks older than Lily) had the same thing for almost a year. It is quite common and I’m sure it won’t be entirely comforting but babies are pretty brave at this age.

    Okay I would never ever feel compelled to go to a random stranger and give so called advice! Seriously Lila, these people are so rude….

    p.s. Eve’s bat onesie is beyond adorable x

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