Wednesday whimsy

Today a lovely surprise* arrived by courier. Aquaman entered a Cartoon Network competition and won a My Little Pony prize pack. The last few minutes have been spent discussing the merits of old school MLP vs the new incarnation** and Cobain explaining all the ways in which the toys don’t match the cartoon.
Eve, much like me, isn’t quite sure what to make of it.


She was willing to have a taste test though. (we did take away any choke able parts).


All in all it’s a pretty awesome prize pack so thanks Hasbro and Cartoon Network.

* a surprise in how quickly we received it we knew it was coming.

** I’m not going to go in to the body image or other theories on why they’ve changed from the classic styling.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday whimsy

  1. Congrats to Aquaman!!

    You have no idea what a co-incidence this post is.. I actually have a half drafted post of my own about charaters from my childhood.. mainly My Little Ponies.. how they don’t even look like horses anymore! And Strawberry Shortcake.. she used to be a cute babylike little doll and now she looks like a doe eyed leggy teen model.. WTF!? I never ended up posting becaues I couldnt quite verbalise exactly what I felt was wrong with it all but I’d actually love to hear yoru theories on why they’ve changed the classic styling..

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