Half a year today

Today you reached the half way mark to one!

This makes my head spin my dear little brown bear.


You have a funny crawl where you get up on your knees and lunge forward on to your belly, back to your hands and knees and repeat.

Your talking has increased with sounds that almost might be the beginnings of dad and mum. You’ve also figured out squealing which I can’t say I’m in love with.

There are two bottom teeth with the top ones doing their utmost to break through. I’m sure we’d both love a break for a while from the pain and the drool.

Right now your brother is making you laugh which is just so beautiful. I love that your sense of humour is developing and that your siblings take pleasure in your happiness.

Just last week you pulled yourself to standing and took one step. Please don’t try to walk yet my little daredevil.

Food is a big feature in our haphazard routine, I’m sure you’d love to just eat all day. Especially if it’s not your food to begin with, you’re so very entranced by anything someone else has.

The biggest change is you slowly adapting to sleeping alone which is lovely when you aren’t in pain. I’m still very thankful for your new cot.

I’m sure I’ll be back in the blink of an eye talking about your first birthday. I’m so glad that no matter how fast you grow my love will always grow bigger.


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