The magic infaquarium

On Christmas Eve Eve, Eve was given an awesome gift. Or maybe the gift was for me because it turned out to be the gift of sleep.

Photo via Ubabub

Evidence that Eve will sleep somewhere that is not on me now!


Sorry for the poor quality I’m blogging via phone until we move again.

So far I adore the Ubabub, Eve loves that she can look through the sides and see us. I love that unlike her original cot she can’t get her arms stuck through the bars and of course that she will actually sleep in this cot.

The cot itself it extremely solid and has fixed sides so doesn’t have the safety issues of a drop sided cot. The retro styling really fits with my personal style aesthetic which I think is important at this price point, it’s no good spending a lot of money on something you don’t like to look at. It’s also large enough that I hope to keep Eve in it for some time.

If you’re looking for a hefty splurge then I’d absolutely recommend this cot.

Please not that this or any product I have raved about is not a paid promotion / advertising. I just like to share what works for us and in this case our good fortune through my mothers’ generosity.


6 thoughts on “The magic infaquarium

  1. I was looking at this cot too for Lily and regret getting the cot we did get as the paint is now coming off (we bought a King Parrot cot on sale). Eve’s cot is beautiful and money well spent in my opinion.

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