12 for 2012

Mr. Wolff doesn’t believe in New Years resolutions. I don’t either, at least not in a grand sweeping gesture way. I do however believe that the New Year is as good a time as any to start making improvements to your life, particularly forming new habits.
I don’t even remember what I was planning to do last year but I know I’m not likely to have achieved those goals. But rather than dwell on what I didn’t do I’m going to focus on what I will do, so here are my 12 for 2012.

1. Grow food, not necessarily a whole garden but at least one item of food. Maybe garlic or a regularly used herb, if I can do this then maybe I can try having a veggie garden.

2. Make handmade gifts for birthdays. Not just in an effort to save money and wind back my galloping consumerism but in an effort to make people’s birthday gift a thoughtful, special item.

3. Use the wall planner I have bought to stay on top of things, instead of asking for reminders constantly. It’s time to start being on top of things again.

4. Pending official acceptance on the 16th of January, study my little heart out. Start accepting that while visual arts isn’t respected as a career path by a lot of people I know it’s where my heart is.

5. Go camping. Now that we live right near the river there is just no excuse not to take advantage of the beautiful place we live.

6. Create a budget and start saving for a house, it’s well and truly time to depart from the renting circle of stress.

7. Get fit. I’ve managed to shed the extra kilos through not eating dairy and watching my calorie count, it’s time now to actually improve my fitness level. No matter how much I hate exercise! I’m thinking of trying the couch to 5k program.

8. Start sewing Eve’s clothes, it’s a much easier way to get cute items and lets face it much cheaper than buying them.

9. Make jam and fruit butters, generally expand my non-dairy / vegan recipe diary.

10. Date my husband. I’d love to say once a month but at least every two months.

11. Read. At least one book a month preferably a third of which should be classics.

12. Have a trapeze, tightrope or other circus art lesson.

I hope that you all have a fantastic New Years’ Eve and that the New Year brings exciting and happy times for you.

Tell me your plans.


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