Handmade holidays part 3

As part of my effort to make rather than buy this Christmas I started on some new ornaments. I previously had a tradition of buying Hallmark ornaments for the kids each year, but as the selection gets smaller in Australia every year I decided to change that for Eve.
Each year we are going to make a handprint ornament, I see this working until about five at which time we’ll switch to making an ornament together each year.

Because I has plenty of materials left over I made a few others. We probably won’t have a tree this year but I’m sure I can put them around the place.


Sections of Night Before Christmas

I’ve left them white for now but I’d love to make them in candy / rainbow colours.


9 thoughts on “Handmade holidays part 3

  1. hey! wow! i’d love to steal the hand idea! (if you dont mind)how did you make them??? (all of them)
    no tree for us either, we wont be home for christmas, so thought we will leave it for next year when Abi is bigger.
    i could see a whole tree decorated with those beautiful decorations!

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