Just the 5 of us for 5

Five months has certainly snuck up on me marking as it is the last month where we will be an isolated family of five. We move in two weeks back closer to our family and to our insular little irrigated oasis.  I’m so glad that we won’t be raising you in this city, the past weeks have made me so sure we are doing the right thing.
As always there are was our obligatory photo shoot today, you did not wish to smile. Stern Eve face today, even as I hear you giggling and screeching at papa.

As predicted your feet have met your mouth but have not been of as much interest to you as biting everything in sight with your lone razor sharp peg.  I’m grateful that so far you’ve only bitten me once when feeding.

You roll and squirm and move all over the place with some speed, and while you’ve gotten your tummy off the ground I’m quite grateful crawling still hasn’t happened.

Your favourite toy is Norm I suspect because he is just the right size to stuff in to your mouth.

Things has been pretty strange this month, there has been the rush to get Christmas sorted and the realisation that I can’t put the tree up until days before Christmas. It’s been a bit of limbo amid the cardboard boxes and cleaning out.  But as always even when events make me question the world, watching you and your siblings makes me feel so very privileged. Our little family would not be the same without that smile or those sparkling eyes.


8 thoughts on “Just the 5 of us for 5

  1. Awe, Logan has a ‘Norm’ too although we haven’t named him yet. I’m being slack usually within 5 seconds of a toy entering my sights it has a name!
    Good luck with the move, I know how insanely time consuming that is.

  2. Eve is just the prettiest little thing.. smooch!
    Hope the move goes well.. Although I don’t envy you the packing/unpacking, it will be so nice for you guys to have some more family backup.

    • Thanks Em, I have to say again that video of Bay is hilarious!We’re nearly packed now and getting a skip again so we don’t bring things we don’t need that weren’t good enough to donate. I’m pretty over it especially with how many times we’ve moved the last three years but things could be worse. It will be great for us and Eve to have family and friends close by.

  3. This is such an awesome post. “Your favourite toy is Norm I suspect because he is just the right size to stuff in to your mouth.” Too funny! We’re moving as well, so I haven’t bothered putting up any decorations either. Hopefully we’ll all make it out the other end in one piece. Must be a relief to be moving back closer to your wider family.Ronnie xo

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