Four months somewhat delayed

The four month mark has slipped silently past, lost in amongst packing boxes, deep cleaning in preparation for our next big move.

The last few days of your fourth month were a busy few. I’m glad I still managed to get the photos done on the 4th.

You discovered your feet and how you love to hold them and rock. You haven’t stuffed them in your mouth yet but I think that discovery may not be too far away.

Daddy's Smile

Along with your feet you’ve discovered rolling on to your tummy, which has meant I sadly packed away your pretty Leander cradle and moved you in to your boring white cot. You don’t mind nearly as much as I do, you’re a go with the flow type of girl.

Baby noises and mimicking are two increasingly loud hobbies of yours, you definitely take after daddy’s side in the volume department. I love it when you make your ‘oh no’ noise and especially your ‘I love you noise’. Sure I’m reading a lot in to your sounds but they make me happy.

Your laughs are hard to come by, you have a particular sense of humor. Much like me you most definitely do not find being tickled amusing in the least. But that’s how I get your throaty gruff laugh from you, so as a mean mummy I do it anyway.

Solid foods seem to be the key to those elusive day time naps as I can now get a semi decent stretch of sleep from you in the morning after you have breakfast, bananas and Bellamy’s baby porridge seem to agree with you best.

You aren’t quite crawling but you are mobile you can wriggle and drag yourself relatively quickly, so there’s not really a chance of popping you on the rug while I run and put washing on anymore. Thank heaven for baby carriers or I’d get very little done.

You continue to enchant strangers, from the lady in the Oxfam shop who gushed over you and had a cute conversation with you, to the guy outside the tattoo shop who insisted I take a purple Teddy bear for you. I do think your happy nature draws people in and you don’t mind the attention at all.

Our little family would not be the same without that smile or those sparkling eyes.


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