Handmade Holidays part 1

I decided this year to attempt to hand make as many Christmas presents as possible.This is most probably insane when you take into account the fact that we are moving the week before Christmas.

So far I have managed to complete* exactly one. For Eve  I have crocheted a mermaid based on the Arianna pattern.

On the needles now are the beginnings of a replacement for the much missed Chocolate Bear for Tarrant, Third in line is something for our Aînée who has requested a knitted cicada, my girl is nothing if not unique.

Here’s hoping I can think of something quick and easy to make for Papa Wolff, the in laws, and my mum!

*I need to find something to support her neck internally as her hair has made her head all floppy.


9 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays part 1

  1. I missed this post and damn! The mermaid is fantastic, I thought I was doing good with my little stockings haha but to make that (even with diy tutorials) is amazing! You are one very talented lady.

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