voicebox of doom…

or why people don’t invite babies to their wedding.


My lovely family waiting for the bride, see how placid that baby is.

Deceptive as right in the middle of the vows Eve decided to show off her banshee lung capacity. I was mortified and made a dash for the exit. Thankfully we sat on the end of the last row so I had an easy escape but still. It has totally changed my opinion of not inviting babies to weddings. We couldn’t have gone if she wasn’t invited but I was mortified that she chose that moment to go off.

Thankfully my cousin and her new husband took it in good humour, and accepted my profuse apologies.

If you didn’t have a look at their wedding video I highly recommend that you do.


4 thoughts on “voicebox of doom…

  1. beautiful family portrait!!

    My favourite photos of us are when we are all dolled up to attend other peoples weddings 🙂

    It is uncanny how babies alway cry during wedding ceremonies!! I wonder if they don’t sense the tension/excitement/anticipation in the room and thats what makes them unsettled..?

    Glad the bride saw the funny side 🙂

    • I think maybe she didn’t like that all the attention wasn’t on her! (Eve that is)
      It’s a shame we didn’t get any pics with me in them, apart from some photobooth ones, but at least there’s a nice one of the Mr and the kids.

  2. I only just remembered that a friends daughter cried at out wedding, durning the ceremony…
    So see… It’s not a bother, the lovely couple will forget, or will remember it and probably smile and have a laugh that Eve chose that exact moment to cry! (That’s what I would do!)
    She is looking super cute too!!!
    We are off to a 6th birthday today! I must remember to get a family photo!

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