3 months with number 3

How are we here already? I think I say this every week, time since you were born just tears by at an insane rate.

Still even on the most terrible of days, of which there were a few this month, I can’t help but be struck by how blessed we are to have you.

3 months now and I remember that we were pregnant with you in our third month of trying. So mind blowingly quick that I had to take a few tests, 3 exactly before it really sank in that you were on your way.

You are even more fidgety this month than before always pushing off with your legs. trying to walk if supported, trying to crawl if on your tummy.  I’m not sure what the rush to move is my busy little bee but it couldn’t be more obvious that you want to. We’ve even had to switch slings after a couple of near misses with you trying to wriggle out.

Your cry has become more mournful even though I am quick to reassure you when you wake up with that pitiful howling.  You know I’m right next to you, you don’t sleep anywhere else.

You love to chatter away already and we hold pretend conversations every day, that and your smiles are what get me through the tiredness that still dogs us from spending most of this month away.

All eyes are on you and when they aren’t you like to redirect them, for someone who rarely cries you sure can pick your moments, during wedding vows for example.

Your best new trick this month is kisses, you respond to the request with big wet open mouthed slobbers and happy smiles. the more slobber you get on me the happier you seem.

I will keep watching you discovering who you are and loving every little bit, even the banshee wailing that I think will liquefy my brain.

I love you little cub.

p.s. I’m sorry I didn’t get better photos but bad weather meant bad light and you were in no mood to be still.


5 thoughts on “3 months with number 3

  1. I’ve always found the number 3 to be the luckiest.
    Eve is just perfect! Growing up too fast though! Keep the photos coming Im addicted to your baby xoxo

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