Travelling with trepidation part 1

The wonderful opportunity arose for a flying visit to see my friend and her family up in sunnier climes.
I was very excited to be winging my way there but very nervous, because it wasn’t school holidays Tyler and the big two had to stay behind. This was huge to for me for a few reasons.

1. Baby on a plane with just me to keep her happy.
2. This was the most consecutive nights apart that the Mr. and I have had in our entire relationship. All of those have been one – two nights at a time. I know it’s not normal to have had such little time apart but I treasure that point of difference.
3. Leaving the big two felt mean, I’d love to have been able for them to enjoy the break with me.

Knowing that so many lovely bloggy ladies have taken their bubs on much greater distance flights was a great comfort, and luckily on both legs of the trip I was seated next to lovely couples. Little miss barely made a peep and fed on ascent and descent like someone had programmmed her for optimal flying. She also had her eyes glued on the hostess while she did the safety demonstration which was adorable.

The only tip I have for fellow flying parents is make sure your luggage has wheels. I was lucky enough that the couple on the return flight helped me with my luggage but it was pretty dumb taking carry on only that I literally had to carry with bub in tow.

All in all we not only survived but had a lovely time exploring the beach and cuddling with my friend and her little ones.

One parting travel tip for travel without papa / mama bring a stinked up item of their clothing with you. Nothing got Eve to sleep quicker than the whiff of papa’s shirt.


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