Where we’ve been

I’ve been a little absent lately obviously.

I have spent the last two weeks

3 hours in airports
6 hours on planes with Eve
24 hours driving long distance

2 states
3 cities

Witnessing endings and beginnings

in the form of
A beautiful wedding
My daughters 16th birthday
My lovely husband securing a graduate position
My daughter getting her first job
Applying to university

Right now I’m looking forward to looking at little more than the walls of my room and snuggling down while resting up.

How have you all been?


6 thoughts on “Where we’ve been

  1. you have been busy!!!

    That is fantastic news our Mr Wolffs graduate position! Congratulations to him, and wonderful that it frees you up to explore other options.. What have you applied for at uni??

    Happy birthday to your daughter.. I can imagine that it would feel like one minute they are your little baby and the next minute a young woman.. has the 16 years gone fast for you..? A first job is always pretty big deal.. hope it goes well for her!

    Welcome home, enjoy some R&R, sounds like you deserve it!

  2. We are very thrilled about moving, just trying to figure out when we’ll actually go. Once we know that it will be full steam ahead I expect.
    I can’t believe my oldest is 16, it scares me how fast time goes! But I’m very proud of the woman she is growing in to.

  3. Sounds like some celebrating has been going on! Congrats about everything…

    How did Eve go with all the traveling? I haven’t travelled more than 40 minutes in a car with lalie so it will be interesting when / IF we ever go on a holiday!

    Welcome back x

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