Who you might’ve been

Dear Eve,
Anyone who’s read my old posts know we agonised over your name, one in particular kept me up obsessing over it for a time sure it was THE ONE.
It wasn’t.
In the end you acquired a far more traditional name than I had intended; well for your first name anyway, the middle filled the unusual quota for me.
But just in case you, or anyone else wants to know, had things gone differently you might’ve been:

Priya Octavia, but too many people commented on it sounding like Prius and shortly after a car was named Octavia and that was the end of that combination for me.

Indigo, probably wasn’t a true contender it was ruled out as a relatives niece already had the name so it didn’t seem right to double up.

Nella, the name of my favourite Great Aunt who always had malt-o-milk biscuits and creamy soda for me. She never told me off for spilling my drink, which I constantly did as a small girl. Your dad wasn’t too keen on the name so it was by the wayside.

Imogen Eva, your dad was very keen on Imogen but didn’t like that the pairing sounded like Geneva, which coincidentally I liked as a name.

Penelope, was very pretty and again something your dad liked especially because he liked Penny. But there was the problem for me, as growing up my Nan’s dog was Penny and to call you that would just be strange.

The strongest contender towards the end was Juniper, but this had been used very recently by an awesome Internet friend. She was gracious enough too to tell me that it wouldn’t have bothered her if we used the same name. Leading up to your 3d scan I started to doubt that I could share a name even though I realistically know that there are no unique names. Your scan sealed it for me, I just knew you weren’t a Juniper, or a Priya even though love for Priya had resurfaced.

Looking at your precious face on the screen in the medical centre, with your umbilical cord draped like a necklace around you and your arm jammed in your mouth I knew.

You were Eve.

The first movie your dad and I saw together was Wall-e so in part your name honours that beautiful movie and the sentimental attachment to that early part of our time together. It seems to me such an elegant name reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, but you might grow up to disagree. It’s a name that speaks of that anticipation before some big beautiful event, Christmas eve, New Years’ eve, and somehow I’ve always found that space and time of anticipation more beautiful than the fleeting events that it portends. You my precious girl are like that, so full of promise.

I had to campaign for Mercury as your middle name, should you not like it I shoulder the responsibility for the choice. You see I think Freddie Mercury was a fascinating, talented, brightly burning person, qualities which I hope you claim for your own and aim in whichever direction you should choose. What won your father was not Mr. Mercury but Mercury the Roman god of swift trade (appealing to your dad’s capitalist ideals was sneaky I know) and travel a shared passion of your parents. Finally the beauty of the element of Mercury didn’t hurt as we knew from those scans you were bewitchingly pretty, though not poisonous thankfully.

So that’s who you might’ve been, and why you are who you are.

In case you’re curious, If you were a boy you’d be Magnus.

Much love
Your Mama


9 thoughts on “Who you might’ve been

  1. love this tale! so sweet how the deliberation and morphing of a name happens. how it evolves. how names conjure up good and bad!!! you may have just inspired a post!

  2. Such a lovely naming story. I love names and I think Eve is perfectly restrained, classic and beautiful. Wonderful choice, I think it’s my favourite of all the options… although I do quite like Nella and Juniper, too! x

  3. Oh so gorgeous!! We have an Imogen, she’s Imogen Paige & rocks the name, she’s quite the princess, living up to the ‘beautiful daughter’ meaning, but we don’t let people call her Immi/ Immy, but MiMi instead, it’s cute. She’s 10 & loves that she’s never bumped into anyone else with her name in class/ school, we only know a couple of little ones. Love Posiehttp://posiepatchworkblog.blogspot.com/

  4. That’s really lovely! I love the Freddie Mercury tribute too.
    For what it’s worth, and I know it’s too late now, I think Priya is a gorgeous name. One of my best girlfriends is called Priya and she’s a total babe.

    • Thanks! It’s funny but since I wrote this I have come across people who know someone with each of the names and anyone who knows a Priya always says how awesome they are. I don’t regret choosing Eve but a small part of me wishes we used Priya.

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