Two months together

Father’s day marked two months that you’ve been in this world. Growing like a weed under the gentle spring sun. As always the time is sliding through my fingers like sand.
Those perfect little hands are more frantically waving, grabbing and thrashing about, often in an effort to keep yourself awake. But you’ve also mastered grabbing daddy’s finger and jamming it into your mouth. That and pinching my breast when I’m not paying attention to you feeding.

It’s been a bumpy month while I’ve begun to relearn how to eat in order to best feed you, boy do we know about it when I get it wrong. I now know not to eat beef and to religiously read labels. 98% of takeaway is out the window I’m pretty sure I’ll be that annoying person bringing my own food to events for some time to come. But oh how it is worth it! Your sleep habits, skin and mood are so much better when this diet change is kept to. You’re a completely different baby when that protein is kept out of our systems. I’m pretty sure my skin is improving too.

Your smile really lights up our hearts, and the cute eyebrow raises just melt me, but your sad face is a devastating sight to behold.

Drooling has commenced at flood volumes so I’m working out a pattern for some cute drool bibs and we’ve got an amber necklace just in case you’re about to start teething, your brothers first tooth emerged at 2 and 1/2 months so it’s possible.

You’ve already figured out rolling from your side to your tummy and can wriggle-crawl a little when on your belly. If your nappy is off you’re up on your knees pushing forward and I’m oh so grateful
your arms are not as strong as your legs. We have plenty of time before you need to be mobile, there’s really no need to rush my love.

Your watchful little eyes don’t seem to miss much and you’re especially fascinated when we eat. I don’t think there’ll be any trouble introducing solids when the time comes. Your eyes are still a mix of newborn steely grey blue with some green showing through, I wonder how long it will be before we see their final colour.

You’ve started a cheeky feeding game of letting go smirking at me and talking to me. If I’m not quick enough to get the breast to you when hungry you now yell at me and make telling off noises for the first few sucks, in general you’re extremely chatty. We have also mastered the on the move feed while you’re in the sling, we get some interesting reactions to that one when we’re out, people aren’t quite sure what’s going on there. It’s our little part to normalize public breastfeeding.

Every fleeting day brings the joy that is you to new heights, I love discovering who you are and as always adore you my brown cub.


12 thoughts on “Two months together

    • They do learn to boss us around right from the start. Glad you are finally home, hope you get lots of rest and your blood pressure settles quickly. Congratulations on your lovely girl.

  1. She’s grown so much already! I love when they tell you off, so cute 🙂
    Sounds like you’re into your groove. I remember the two month mark seemed like everything was falling into place… happy times x

  2. i’ve got 2 great bib patterns, if you want, i can send you them by snail mail! one is a bibkerchief style and other is just a normal little pattern. makes catching drool way cutererer!

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